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Economy Tracker FAQ

Q) My 2011 calendar view seems to be scrambled and there is no purchase button. The restore access button does nothing!

A) This issue has been reported on iPad devices running iOS 4.2.1. We are aware of this issue and a fix to correct it will be included in version 2.1 of Economy Tracker for iPad (scheduled for the end of Jan). We regret any inconvenience caused!
Q) I purchased the 2011 Calendar as an in-app purchase. However, I do not see any entries for 2011.....

A) Please delete the app and re-install it and repeat the in-app purchase. You will NOT be charged a second time!!

Q) Why are some of the series and graphs not updated instantly when an economic release becomes available?

A) We update series and graphs as soon as the Federal Reserve makes the series data available. There is sometimes a time lag between an official release and the time the Federal Reserve updates the data for a series. We provide the release date of every data series for your reference. 
Note that the economic release reports are usually available instantly with a release and can be accessed using the Economy Tracker App. 

Q) Why is the release date more recent than the date of the latest economic press release?

A) The release date is the later of 1) the date of the latest official economic press release and 2) the date of the latest update/adjustment to an economic series. If a recent update to a series occured after the date of official press release, then the release date displayed by the App for a series will be more recent than the date of official press release